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BondD BondD BondD BondD
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Envent BondD, the 2.1 Stereo speaker comes with volume control for easy access, balanced sound for a better sound quality, designer LED light to give special effect to the ambience and light weight satellite speakers. The 2 cool satellite cabinets deliver surround sound experience and complements the wooden woofer cabinet for true bass effect. It features 1 sub-woofer and 2 satellite speakers and a total RMS power output of 25 watt. Moreover, this speaker has a low distortion circuit for frequencies. BondD can be connected to PC/Laptop, Cellphone, MP3, Music Systems etc. It features 4 inch woofer driver along with 2.75 inch speaker driver. To top it all, it comes with a power on/off and volume control that undoubtedly provides you with added advantage and convenience.




  • Audio input through 3.5 jack from Laptop, Desktop, Mobile phone, LCD or LED
  • Stylish Orange LED light glows when the speaker is on
  • With volume and bass control knobs, it's easy to get the sound you want
  • Multimedia Ready and Low Distortion Circuit
  • Compatibility: PC/ Laptop/, Cellphone, MP3, Music Systems etc.


Technical Specifications:

  • PMPO : 2500W
  • RMS : 25W (15 + 5x2)
  • Frequency Response : 60Hz ~ 20KHz
  • 4 inch Woofer Driver
  • 2.75 inch Speaker Driver
  • SNR:≥75dB




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